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“Hayes is so sweet and talented! I always have so much fun making my auditions with him!”

-Nicola Peltz

“There is always something to be discovered about a story and character, especially if it is well written. In the age of self taping, casting turnarounds can be disrespectfully fast. Gone are the days when you had a week to reflect and prepare. As an actor, writer, director and from his work in casting, Mat has an eagle eye for so many things, chiefly honesty, subtlety and nuance. Even if you have done your homework, with whatever time you are given, Mat will throw something out that you may have missed or did not think about that almost always heightens the stakes for you and takes the story several levels deeper. I consistently leave a session with Mat full and confident that we have left nothing on the table. We also always discover something that is not on the page. That’s pretty exciting too and could be the thing that sets you apart from someone else.  He keeps it real and interesting that way.”

-Erica Tazel


“Hayes really know his s***t! I’ve booked 2-3 projects using him as a self-tape coach/director/editor and I plan to use him again once Hollywood opens back up in 2028. Seriously, Hayes is great.”

-Bill Dawes


“Mat is such a beautiful light and so amazing to work with. He knows exactly what to say & what notes to give to get you to connect with the character that much more and bring the scene to life”

-Tetona Jackson


“Hayes is one of my favorite people to work with. Not only is he an incredibly talented actor and can help you find the moments in the room just acting opposite from him (he raises your level), his eye for specificity, nuance, and story telling is just spot on. I always request to work with Hayes because of how talented he is, but also because he’s such an incredible joy to work with. His ability to brighten your day and remember why you’re there in the first place is why he’s so great. He’s such an awesome, empathetic human and I highly recommend him.”

-Susie Abromeit


“Any time I self-tape with Hayes I know I’m going to feel good with the result. The last tape we did – booked me my first lead in a movie. He is thoughtful and encouraging and his coaching is spot-on. Not to mention, Hayes is simply THE kindest person.”

-Abigail Klein

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